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Welcome to Nampa Grace Bible Fellowship

Nampa Grace Bible Fellowship is a small group of Bible-believing saints studying God's word as His Sons. We rejoice in the sonship relationship we have graciously been given by the Lord, and study the Bible as the curriculum that it is for our edification. Having learned to "rightly divide the word of truth" we are now studying that word according to God's design and purpose. Read more...

The Starting Point

If you have any question about who you are in God's sight, or about what will happen when you die, please see and listen to the simple truth of how we all are guilty before God, but by His grace, God has provided a way to be free from that guilt, for eternity. Also please see our Q&A on this subject.

If you would like more information regarding the material dealt with on this site or in the audio lessons, we highly recommend these online resources. Please visit them!

Web Resources

Enjoy the Bible Ministries

An independent Bible study organization using a variety of means to help Christians understand and enjoy the Bible. Visit their site.

Triangle Bible Church

An in-depth online resource concerning the doctrines of Sonship Edification taught from the position of Right Division. Visit their site.