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About Nampa Grace Bible Fellowship

God's word is something we respect greatly and try to honor in our study and in our handling of it. It is equated with the Lord Jesus Christ Himself in the scriptures, which only furthers our wish to give the word due reverence.

To that end, we recognize this is God's book: He is both the author of it and the one who specifically organized it the way He wanted. The scriptures cover the beginning of the world to its eventual end, and remaking. Therefore, when we handle them, we must pay attention to where we are reading in the overall framework of the Bible, and what God was/is/will be doing at that time and place. In that context, we need to look for His intent and objective in recording what He has. We need to find out who he is talking to or about and who, if anyone, is excluded. Importantly, we ought to find out when the writer was writing and what the situation or circumstances were in which that particular part of scripture was being spoken and recorded. A natural progression of doctrine and history can be easily observed in the layout of God's word. By recognizing that, and identifying where in the history we are reading, we best follow these basic principles for handling His word. And, thereby, we gain the most benefit from our study time.

Out of our respect for God's word, we have asked the question: which translation of the Bible, if any, most accurately represents the scriptures? This question must be asked for the plethora of translations available and for the multiplicity of variations among those translations. From a consideration of much evidence, we have come to believe that the Authorized Version of 1611, otherwise known as the King James Version, is God's word in the English language. Due to its source Greek texts, its family history, the climactic time in the history of the English language, the men who translated it, the way it was translated, and the wonderful product that it is; we wholly accept it as accurate, trustworthy, and not to be questioned. We didn't start off in this belief in our early years of being saved, but by study and careful examination of both sides of thinking on the matter, the KJV rose to the top; and by use, it continues to verify its own trustworthiness.

Therefore, we study God's word as if it is God's word. He designed it and we study it following that design, in the order in which it was given; recognizing both God's dealings with Israel, and His dealings with us today in the Dispensation of His Grace.

For the sake of brevity, we would refer you to the doctrinal statement of GraceOnline for a list of truths that we believe based on the content of God's word.

Essential to our faith is our trusting in what the Lord Jesus Christ has done for us, when he died on the cross, and took our punishment for us, purging the wrath of God against our sin. By believing in what he accomplished for us when he died and rose again, we have the hope of eternal life and know that all of our sins, both past and future, have been forgiven. Praise God for His mercy and grace! We have been given new life and a new relationship with God: we are part of His family, and especially treated by Him as sons and daughters. We have provided a page on this site devoted to communicating this message of salvation in both an audio form and written outline. Another page is devoted to questions and answers about this most important and universal truth. Please visit them, understand your need, and freely receive the gift of God's grace, if you haven't already.

Now, we study God's word as His sons. We know that in the design of His word, he has had Paul, the apostle to the Gentiles, and the apostle who was given the information to and about us today, write his epistles in such a way that one should begin in Romans and study through the epistles to Philemon, thereby learning from the foundation to the apex of the truth God has for us. This is the process of edification as God designed.

In pursuing this truth, we have learned a great deal from Enjoy the Bible Ministries, both things relating to Israel's program, and our own dispensation of grace. We, in this group, have a good, foundational understanding of the purpose of God with Israel, their history, their future and why God has temporarily suspended His program with them. We recognize that today God is proclaiming His grace through the revelation of the mystery of Christ, as recorded by the apostle Paul.

The audio series provide a starting point for developing your own Biblical understanding. If you choose to listen to the auido series, please consider listening to the Orientation Series first. It covers the whole scope of God's Word and gives you the opportunity to see it in one broad span. From that vantage point, you may see things in scripture that you never anticipated. As time goes on, we hope to continue to add lessons and other study material to this site. And, we always refer people interested in more information to Enjoy the Bible Ministries and the lessons and articles available there.

We hope that this site can be a source of truth for you; most importantly the truth of how you can be saved from your sins and have perfect peace with God by trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ as your substitute redeemer and saviour.