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Audio Lessons

Nampa Bible Fellowship invites you to listen to some of what we have learned together via this catalogue of audio lessons. The purpose of these studies is to give an introduction to understanding God's word as a whole, and how you can best approach God's word in your reading and study of it. We encourage you to begin with the first series and follow in the order given to best benefit from the content, as they build upon one another. These lessons were taught in a small group setting and are fairly casual in their delivery. All files are in mp3 format.

1. Orientation to God's Word

An overview of the Bible from Genesis to The Revelation, purposed at getting oriented to the book as a whole, the story it tells, and where we fit in today.

2. Preparing to Study God's Word

A series that follows up on matters introduced in the Orientation, purposed at discovering God's plan for educating us, and learning how to read the Bible according to God's design.

3. The Acts of the Apostles: A Survey

A quick overview of the book of Acts and the important transition in programs that God makes during this period in history.

4. Romans: Established in the Faith

A series of classes that take an in-depth look at the doctrine of the book of Romans, the foundational epistle for the truths of the faith.

5. Grace Issues: A Topical Series

A brief look at common questions of the faith.