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A Brief Survey of the Acts of the Apostles

Join us for a quick overview of the book of Acts. This historical book tells how the 12 apostles continued with the ministry our Lord Jesus Christ began while he was on the earth. Through their witness Israel is mercifully given the opportunity to repent of their rejection of Jesus Christ as the Son of God. Acts also tells of the important change in programs that God makes during this period in history, with the unexpected calling of the apostle Paul, his message of God's grace, and ministry to the Gentiles.

Audio Lessons

New lessons will be added as they are completed.

# Audio
1 Introduction to the book of Acts
2 Acts 1: Preparing for the Work
3 Acts 2: Pentecost, Witnessing to Israel
4 Acts 3–5: Repentance to Israel
5 Acts 6–9: Interrupted Schedule, Saul Intro.
6 Acts 9–11: God shows Peter the Change
7 Acts 11–13: Saul/Paul's Ministry Begins
8 Acts 14–15: Paul's Unique Apostleship Recognized by the Jerusalem Counsel
9 Acts 16–20: Paul's Gospel to Gentiles and the Diminishing of Israel
10 Acts 21–28: Paul Finishes his Course