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Grace Issues: A Topical Series

Christianity, today more than ever, has a multiplicity of denominations, subsections of denomintations, and thus varied beliefs on issues of the faith. It is therefore natural for questions and confusion to arise given such a diversity of opinions one can find in Christianity. This series attempts to address some of these issues/questions from a Biblical, rightly divided point of view. These lessons are only introductory in nature, and are not intended to be a complete treatment of any given topic. There is no substitute for getting firmly grounded in the Christian faith by first studying Romans, the establishment epistle for the faith. In fact, these are recordings of lessons about topics which were brought up in our Romans survey. My hope is that they address some questions and spur you to want to get a more complete understanding of the issues.

Audio Lessons

New lessons will be added as they are completed.

# Audio
1 Spiritual Gifts: A More Excellent Way
2 Eternal Security (A)
3 Eternal Security (B)