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Preparing to Study God's Word

Join us for a series that follows up on matters introduced in the series called Orientation to God's word. Purposed at discovering God's plan for our education, this series takes the next step in learning how to approach God's word. If we are to be educated, it really helps to know how the education works. Does God's word actually have a plan built into it for educating us? I believe it does, and once we understand that plan, even at an introductory level, it can greatly help us in our study. So, please join us in learning the basics about how we can read the Bible in accordance with God's design.

Audio Lessons

# Audio
1 Respecting the Design in God's Word
2 Getting Comfortable with Right Division
3 How far to divide: The Relationship between Israel's Program and the Day of God's Grace
4 Practice Handling God's Word
5 More Practice Handling God's Word
6 Left-to-Right Organization of the Bible
7 Edification in Israel's Program
8 Jehovah Names and the Feasts
9 Davidic Covenant
10 Intro to Godly Edification for Us Today
11 Godly Ed.: Laying the Foundation
12 Godly Ed.: Building on the Foundation
13 Godly Ed.: The Complete Structure