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Orientation to God's Word

Join us for a survey of the Bible from Genesis to The Revelation. In this series our goal is to get oriented to the Bible as a whole, and see the whole scope of the story that it tells. As such, the material covered emphasizes where books and passages fit within the bigger context of the Bible. From the beginning of time to the culmination of God's plan of redemption, the Bible tells us of God's plan for the earth, the heavens, mankind and His relationship with us. All of history is covered, even events of the future are explained in the Bible. This series covers that history and helps us understand where we find ourselves today. Knowing the context of what we read is the key to understanding and applying God's word to our lives. We hope this series will provide a greater capacity for you to study God's word with comprehension, knowing where and what you are studying at any point in God's word.

Audio Lessons

Note: You may listen to the audio lesson and view the slides for each lesson by clicking on both links. There may also be a handout for a class. Handouts and class slides are in PDF format (which require Adobe Reader). By opening all links for a lesson and scrolling through the slides, you can follow along with the class.

# Audio Slides Handout
1 Introduction: God's House and Mankind Slides  
2 Man's Education in the Garden Slides  
3 Attack of Deception and God's Response Slides  
4 Three Attacks on God's Promised Seed Slides  
5 A New Nation, Special to God Slides  
6 Abraham, Israel, and Jehovah Slides  
6a 1st Quarter Review   Quiz
7 Deliverance of Israel from Egypt Slides  
8 Wilderness Education, Law Contract   5 Trials in the Wilderness Outline
9 Law Relationship, 5 Courses of Punishment Slides  
10 Failure in the Land: The 1st Course Slides  
11 Interlude: King Saul and King David Slides  
12 Davidic Covenant Slides  
12a Mid-Term Review Slides Quiz
13 Record of Punishment: Course 2, 3, 4 Slides The Historical Record of the 5 Courses
14 5th Course of Punishment and Satan Slides  
15 Daniel's Time Schedule Slides  
16 Jehovah, 5th C., The Coming Messiah Slides Jehovah God
17 The Christ, His Message, His Miracles Slides  
18 Israel's Exclusive Messiah Slides  
19 Early Acts and The Change Slides  
19a 3rd Quarter Review Slides Quiz
20 The Dispensation of Grace Slides  
21 The Adversary and The Mystery Slides  
22 Return to Israel's Program Slides  
23 Epistles for the Remnant of Israel Slides  
24 The Conclusion: God's Kingdom on Earth Slides  
24a Final Exam and Review Slides Final Examination